Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349

Summer Picnic

Christopher Columbus Assembly held their annual Summer Picnic and Bas Tournament on Monday July 27. We had a beautiful evening weather wise and all attending enjoyed a wide variety of foods , starting with SK John Lough famous Italian Sausage, and SK Tom Kaisers burgers, hotdogs and shish-k-bobs. Also, many thanks to all who brought dishes to share, such as SK Rich Holmgrens ‘Professor from Gilligan’s Island potato Salad, SK Bob Kasper’s Spiced Deviled Eggs, PFN John and Judy Batzel’s delicious Lemon bars and vegetable tray, the Mikucki’s spaghetti salad, SK Rich and Ann Gonsiorek’s homemade brownies and cookies, PFN Zen and Connies watermelon and FN Dal and Roberta’s tasty Klondike bars. Many thanks to Grillmasters SK John Lough and SK Jim Rowan for their expertise with hot coals and a spatula, and special thanks to GK Terry Przybylski of Lafayette Council #361 who entertained all with his accordion music during dinner and afterwards.

Following dinner we held our annual Bags Tournament. Participants were PFN Steve LaScola, SK Chet and SK Jim Mikucki, SK Rich Gonsiorek , PFN John Batzel, FN Dan and SK Bob Gols, , SK Jim Lukos, SK Rich Holmgren, PFN Bon Kasper and SK Jim Rowan. The first 2 rounds saw some heated contests and the finals saw a match between father and son, with Team ‘SwordPlay’ , SK Jim Lukos and SK Jim Mikulcki (son) went up against Team ‘Blade’, Dad- SK Chet Mikucki and PFN BoB Kasper. The match was close and in one round SK Jim had 4 consecutive bags in the hole.

 Congratulations to 2015 Bags Champions SK Jim Mikucki and SK Jim Lukos. Each received a $10.00 first prize. The evening ended with the drawing for our Annual Summer Raffle.

Many thanks to all our members who sent in their raffle tickets or who bought tickets at the picnic, and helped support our Assembly. A total of $560.00 was given out in prizes.

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner SK Bob Migon, 2nd prize was awarded to SK Albert Oraha, 3rd Prize to SK Bill Rerucha and 4thPrize to PFN John Batzel. The Summer Raffle is one of our important Assembly fund raisers for the year and helps support our donations to Seminarians, Pro-Life groups such as Women’s Care and the Fr. McGivney Center for Hope and Healing, and other charities throughout the year. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

We had a great evening, sharing the company of our Brother Knights and their families, having some fun together playing bags and listening to live music, and even raising some funds for our worthy charities. 

PFN Zen Grodecki starts off the picnic with a plate of hot dogs, salads and chips. 

GK Terry of Lafayette Council entertains at the picnic with his accordion playing.. 

FC Rich Holmgren shows off his famous  'Professors from Gilligan's Island potato salad' and SK Bob Migon samples the deviled eggs

(L_R) SK Jim Lukos and FN Dan Gols enjoy an Italian sausage and hot dog at the picnic.

Bags Tournament finalists were (L_R) PFN Bob Kasper, SK Jim Mikulcki, SK Jim Lukos and SK Chet Mikulcki)

Congratulations to our Bags tournament winners SK Jim Mikulcki and SK Jim Lukos


FN Dan Gols takes his shot at bags as FC Rich Holmgren keeps his eye on the board.   SK Terry plays the Notre Dame fight song to inspire  the Bags contestants. 

FN Dan Gols (Middle) congratulates Raffle Grand Prize winner SK Robert Migon (Left) and 4th Place winner PFN John Batzel (Right).  Other winners were 2nd Place SK Albert Oraha and 3rd Place SK William Rerucha.  Thank you to all who participated in our raffle.    Our raffle proceeds will be used to fund our various K of C Charities we support such as  Seminarians, Pro-Life and our parishes.    . 

SK John Lough grills up Italian sausage, burgers, hot dogs and chicken shish-k-bob for our picnic