Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349

Christopher Columbus Assembly hosted the 4th Degree Exemplification at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort on April 21, 2012 where 147 new Sir Knights were inducted into 4th Degree

Congratulations to the 14 new Sir Knights who joined Christopher Columbus.

Council #1502

 Grant Golda  Steven Gutowski  Dean Polo

Council #11588
John Adams,  Neal Boyle  Vincent Meno  James Schaaf
Council #14008

Robert D. Gols,  Robert C. Migon,  Carl A. Peterson

Council #14284
Dennis J. Ash

Council #14284
Antonio D'Ambrosio,  Jeffrey A. Foerster,  John T. Maher Ryszard E, Psarski

Council #15158
Rev. James Hurlbert