Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349

Assembly Memorial Mass 

All members and families of Deceased Sir Knights are invited to the Assembly's Annual Memorial Mas. Our Faithful Friar Rev. Jason Torba will be the celebrant of the mass on Monday, November 26, 2012 at 8:00pm in out meeting hall at the Conrad Parish Center of St. Rosalie Parish (Montrose / Oak Park) in Harwood Heights - 6740 W. Montrose. There will be a special candle lighting ceremony for the Sir Knights who passed away during the past year. Following the mass refreshments will be provided following the mass. All Sir Knights and families are encouraged to attend.

Please remember, as you pray for departed family members,
relatives and friends, the following members of Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349,
Knights of Columbus who have died during the last year and are being
remembered at ourMemorial Mass

In Memoriam 2012

Sir Knight Edward Williams

 Sir Knight Ramon Ferrer

In Memory of the Departed Members


Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349


Sir Knight  Past Faithful Navigator  Tony Krueschel

Sir Knight  Past Faithful Navigator  John Kuniej

Sir Knight George B. Bielski                                               Sir Knight Mario Boccio
Sir Knight James Buscemi                                                   Sir Knight Tom Calabrese
Sir Knight Guy Calamita                                                       Sir Knight Michael A. Conoboy

Sir Knight Robert Cox                                                         Sir Knight Leonard Fumarola
Sir Knight Louis Galvez                                                      Sir Knight Angelo Greco
Sir Knight Joseph Hadfield                                                 Sir Knight John Heraty

Sir Knight Louis Juganetty                                                 Sir Knight Raymond E. Kelly
Sir Knight Edwin M. Kestler                                               Sir Knight Stanley Kopczak
Sir Knight Stanley Kozac                                                    Sir Knight William Kuszynski

Sir Knight Ray Lackowicz                                                    Sir Knight Anthony Lascola
Sir Knight Italo “Bill” Luisi                                                  Sir Knight Werner W. Mark
Sir Knight Carl Meyer, Sr.                                                   Sir Knight Joseph Milostan

Sir Knight Charlie Paoli                                                       Sir Knight George T. Paris
Sir Knight Edward Pelz                                                       Sir Knight John L. Pufunt
Sir Knight Gino Sansonetti                                                 Sir Knight John Schaul

Sir Knight Russell H. Sowadski                                          Sir Knight John Stangaciu
Sir Knight Matthew Szczech                                               Sir Knight Robert Tagliola
Sir Knight Chris Taormina                                                   Sir Knight Leon Ufnowski

Sir Knight John Uitz                                                             Sir Knight Walter Wazowicz
Sir Knight Leonard Wigos                                                   Sir Knight Fred Wilkoszewski

                                                  Sir Knight Roman Wozniak

                     God of all consolation,

in your unending love and mercy for us

you turn the darkness of death

into the dawn of new life.

Show compassion to your people in their sorrows.

Be our refuge and our strength

to lift us from the darkness of grief

to the peace and light of your presence.

Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,

by dying for us, conquered death

and by rising again, restored life.

May we then go forward eagerly to meet him,

and after our life on earth,

be reunited with our brothers and sisters

 where every tear will be wiped away.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen