Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349

Columbus Assembly #2349

Officers for 2015-2016

Faithful Friar Rev. Robert Fedek

Our Lady of Victory Parish

Faithful Navigator Sir Knight Dan Gols 

 Faithful Captain PFN Sir Knight John Batzel  

Faithful Pilot Sir Knight Richard J. Gonsiorek

Faithful Comptroller Sir Knight Richard Holmgren

 Faithful Trustee PFN Sir Knight Steve LaScola 

 Faithful Trustee PFN Sir Knight Robert Kasper

Faithful Trustee  Sir Knight John Lough

 Faithful Purser Sir Knight Thomas Kaiser

 Faithful Scribe Sir Knight Tony Mion

Faithful Admiral PFN Sir Knight Zenon Grodecki 

Faithful Sentinel Sir Knight Paul Guillemete

 Faithful Sentinel Sir Knight James Rowan  

Faithful Commander Greg Repta

Faithful Commander Carl Peterson

Installation of Officers, June 22, 2015

Faithful Friar Rev. Robert Fedek celebrates our Installation Mass

PFN Zen Grodecki reads the First Reading

Presentation of the Gifts by Mrs. Connie Grodecki

 and Mrs. Heather Lough

The consecration of the Precious Blood

Praying the Our Father

Rev Robert Fedek blesses

Faithful Navigator Daniel and Roberta Gols 

Master Paul Isherwood installs 

Faithful Comptroller Richard Holmgren

The 2015-2016 Christopher Columbus Assembly #2349 Officers take the Oath of Office

SK John Lough with his wife Heather receive the Jewel of the Office of Trustee from Former Master  Paul Isherwood. 

FN Daniel Gols thanks his FM Masrter Paul Isherwood and Assistant SK Rich Lehman for conducting the installation and thanks his fellow officers and members for electing him to the office of Faithful Navigator.

New Sir Knights Chester and Jim Mikucki  (father and son) were awarded the New member sword by FN Dan Gols, along with FM Paul Isherwood and FF Rev. Robert Fedek